Bag X Watch 2 Years Limited Warranty, unless otherwise described herein.*

All product models sold on our site are covered by a 24-month mechanism warranty and the warranty terms are stated below.

1- The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the goods and is 2 (two) years.
2- The watches you have purchased are covered by the mechanism warranty.
3- In case the watch fails during the warranty period, the time spent in repair is added to the warranty period. The repair period of the goods is maximum 20 (twenty) working days. This period starts from the date of notification of the malfunction of the goods to the service station, and in the absence of a service station, to one of the seller, dealer, agency, representative office, importer or manufacturer-manufacturer. If the defect of the goods is corrected within 10 days, the manufacturer-manufacturer or the importer must allocate another product with similar characteristics to the use of the consumer until the repair of the product is completed. Consumer failure notification; telephone, fax, e-mail, registered letter with return receipt or similar means. However, in case of dispute, the burden of proof lies with the consumer.

4- In case of malfunction of the product due to material and workmanship or assembly faults within the warranty period; It will be repaired without any charge under any other name such as labor cost, replacement part cost or any other name.
5- Despite the consumer’s use of the right to repair, the goods;
Provided that it stays within the warranty period from the date it is delivered to the consumer, it fails at least four times within 1 year or 6 times within the warranty period determined by the manufacturer-manufacturer and/or importer, as well as these faults perpetuating the inability to benefit from the goods, repeating the same fault more than twice or the occurrence of more than 4 different malfunctions, or the total of different malfunctions being more than 6 within the specified warranty period, as well as the perpetuation of the inability to benefit from the goods,
– Exceeding the maximum time required for repair,
– In case the company has a service station, the consumer may request a free replacement of the product, a refund or a discount at a defect rate, in cases where it is stated in a report to be issued by the seller, dealer, agency, representative or importer or manufacturer-manufacturer, that it is not possible to repair the fault.
6- Defects arising from the use of the product contrary to the terms in the user manual are not covered by the warranty.

Conditions Not Covered by the Warranty

1- Battery life.
2- Normal wear and tear (for example, color and/or material change of non-metallic belts and chains such as scratched glass, leather, plastic, textile, velcro, peeling of the coating)
3- Damages in any part of the watch as a result of abnormal/abuse use, carelessness, negligence, accident (hits, collapses, knocks, glass breakage, etc.), improper use of the watch or non-compliance with the instructions for use.
4- Opening the watch by unauthorized persons (for battery change, maintenance or repair)
5- Fire etc. to the fault. caused by natural disasters.
6- In case of malfunctions resulting from maintenance and repair by any of the watch authorized services specified in the warranty certificate.
7- If the outer case, glass and battery of the watch are scratched, worn or damaged
8- If the watch has been in contact with water (watches that are not waterproof)

Information About the Warranty of Waterproof Watches Warnings

1- Protect your watch from extremely hot water.
2- Since your watch is designed for normal use, be careful not to drop it.
3- Never let your watch come into contact with liquid substances that have solvent properties (alcohol, gas, acid and etc.) and other substances with chemical effects.
4- If your watch is waterproof and has a leather strap, do not use it while swimming or in water, as the strap will wear out when it is under water.